Playing With Pythons - March 2011
A programmed animation using PiantShopPro's Python software

Whaler - January 2011
3D cgi using Poser animation software

November 2010
Flying a Mystére jet courtesy of Microsoft's Flight Simulator package!
Julia Fractals
October 2010
A first tryout with the SYNFIG animation package.
Animation Work

+ + + + LATEST + + + +
EXPOSURE ROOM, the site where my videos have been hosted for the last three years seems to have stopped trading so I will gradually move my videos over to VIMEO. At the same time videos will be embedded on the page to allow easier play. It will be obvious which videos have been moved!
This will all take some time.

I've been playing with short animations for some years now, using Cinema4D, Poser, Flash and Vue. Getting back into this field as it sits nicely with the video editing techniques I've learned of late. New packages recently discovered are Blender, Sketchup and Synfig - all very impressive and, amazingly, all totally free.